There’s an Elephant in Here, and Now He’s My Roommate

So, about that elephant…

I hopped on Facebook and Instagram live with my partner Jayel Draco yesterday to talk about the elephant in Oneshi Press headquarters—we’re trying to fund two comics collections during a worldwide pandemic. And that might make people feel weird. So we aired out the weirdness! We talked about why we’re doing this right now. About how we know it’s a tough time. And about ways that anyone can help, even if it’s not with money, since money is tight for lots of us. And how right now, one of the best things you can do is stay the heck home and enjoy some entertainment. We’re working on making some for you!

So watch the video! You can watch it on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube… Or just check it out below! Then go ahead and engage with the Kickstarter, either on our social media platforms or on the campaign itself! Every little tiny bit of support—from a little like the whole way up to a monetary pledge—helps us, big time.

Pretty cool that the thumbnail/cover photo shows me doing my best impression of a mouse. Maybe I thought that would scare the elephant away? But who wants to scare an elephant away? Elephants are awesome. In fact, we’re letting this one move in. I’m voting that we name him Pat, but I’m not sure Jayel agrees.

Anyway, there are lots of  ways to show support for these creators!

You can back the Kickstarter or share it or comment on social media posts about it. But you can also read, listen, watch, and share any of the below links!

  • Here’s an interview with Diana Camero, illustrator of “Muskrat City” in Mr. Guy
  •  And an interview with Patrick McEvoy, writer of “Corollary” in the Origins Anthology
  • Oneshi Press co-founder & writer of Mr. Guy Jayel Draco’s new blog post about these projects
  • Co-founder & editor of both books Lynsey G’s blog post about internet coverage of the campaign
  • Jayel & Lynsey on the FTO Nerd Talk podcast, talking about our various projects
  • The live video from our chat with Spinwhiz Comics (coming soon to YouTube), covering the indie publishing industry, Game of Thrones, Stephen King, and lots more!
  •  Live video from a quick sit-down with The House of Indie on Facebook to talk about our anthology series
  • The Fanbase Press #CrowdfundingFriday update features Mr. Guy & the Origins Anthology this week!

Thanks so much for your support, folks! Let’s make this Kickstarter happen!

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