Poem at the Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review

I am really, really excited to tell you that a new poem of my very own has been published over at the Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review! I’m a big fan of the Review, so I was incredibly honored when they showed interest in my work!

It’s another of my Audrey Munson poems, and it’s somber and sad and, you know, a poem.

And check this out–the Review has this fantastic feature called the “Adopt a Writer Program.” If you decide to donate to the magazine via my poem’s page, I get 60% of your donation! Hey, imagine that! Paying creative people for their work, and keeping publications afloat at the same time! What a worthy endeavor!

Go read my poem and chip in if you can! If you can’t, that’s also completely okay because you can read the whole site for free!

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