Poem in Stirring: A Literary Connection (it’s about David Bowie)

November weather, David Bowie, New York… pretty much my life right now.

Hi everybody! Welcome to November! It’s already colder than necessary, and it’s rained here twice. November might be my least favorite month (not counting Thanksgiving, of course): it’s unpleasant to be outside, the leaves have already changed color and are falling off the trees, and everything is endlessly depressing as the days get shorter.

BUT NOT THIS NOVEMBER! Because this November started with a poem of mine being published in Stirring: A Literary Collection!

And it’s not just any poem: it’s the only poem I’ve ever written about David Bowie. Weird, right? Given the crazy level of my obsession with him as an artist, human, and alien, you’d think all my poems would be about him, but nope. This is the only one so far, and wonderfully, beautifully, amazingly, the guest editor for this edition, Sarah Ann Winn, liked it enough to publish it! Hooray! Also, it’s published under my full name, because sometimes you have to live life on the edge. (Also, if David Bowie reads it, this might make it easier for him to get in touch with me. Just sayin.)

I’m honored to have a poem featured along with the likes of Sally Rosen Kindred and Micki Myers and a host of other fabulous humans. Please, go peruse!

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