Poor Mouth Poetry this Wednesday

Come one, come all, to my featured reading at An Beal Bocht‘s monthly Poor Mouth Poetry open mic night! I’ll be spouting poetry and the like for 10-15 minutes as the featured reader, and a whole host of other talented writers will read their work as part of the open mic. It’s sure to be tantalizing and inspiring and delicious–this place serves Irish bar food with the best of ’em. It may be all the way up in Riverdale, but honestly, how often do you go Riverdale? And what could possibly be a better reason to venture north?

0 thoughts on “Poor Mouth Poetry this Wednesday

  1. Thad Rutkowski says:

    Good reading with you at the Inspired Word on June 26. As I said, I follow the Poetry Brothel, mainly via T.M. DeVos, who works on a lit mag with me. Let me know what you’re doing in the future, if you like.

    1. Lynsey G says:

      Thanks, Thad! I really enjoyed your pieces as well. Fun, thought-provoking, and funny.
      I’ll be telling a story at SpilL! True Stories of Queer Love, Sex, and Desire next Tuesday at Fontana’s, as well, and the following weekend (July 21-22) is the New York City Poetry Festival, where I’ll be brotheling and doing a public reading Saturday afternoon!


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