Putting Flowers in My Hair as I Type

…not really. I don’t have any flowers. But I am damn well going to get some when I get to San Francisco tonight, baby! This weekend is going to be absolutely packed to the gills with activity for me, between hanging with old friends, covering the Masquerotica ball, appearing as an extra(?) in a Kink.com shoot, and interviewing several adult industry luminaries, so I can’t promise much in the way of updates until my return, folks. I do, however, plan to post on Fisting Day (tomorrow), so tune in for that!
Oh, but when I return, I shall be laden with video footage, photos, and awesome. Yes, full of awesome. I’m sitting at Newark Liberty Airport right now and I’m almost shaking with anticipation. I’ve been so excited all day that I got up before dawn ON MY OWN and have been tapping my feet impatiently all day. I better pass out on the plane or I’ll be so exhausted when I arrive tonight that I won’t be able to go out on the town. And that would be a travesty.
Anyway, check back over the weekend just in case I have a chance to post, and if that doesn’t happen, check in next week because I will be posting pics and writeups and details and footage like it’s my JOB. (Ok it IS my job. My life is amazing.)
In the meantime, check these out:
1) My interview of the international sex sensation Katsuni… in the back of a Lincoln SUV stretch limo… on the way to VIP service at Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in New York City. Guys, seriously. My life is amazing.
2) Katsuni is also amazing. And beautiful and talented and smart and… Aw, jeez. I’m kind of in love with her. Ok, a lot in love with her.
3) My review of The Fate of Love from writer/director Stormy Daniels, a couples porno that made me seriously question my moral fiber, but probably not in the way you’re thinking.

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