Superlinks! Queering Straight Pr0nz, Stoya in the NYT, and OMG New TroubleFilm

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Good question, Philosoraptor.

Super swamped with taxes and phone plans and interviews and possible art installations and storytelling planning and getting ready to go to Toronto for the Feminist Porn Awards 2014! So, super swamped = superlinks! Check out the below for smart-thinky fun SFW (mostly) fun times at numbers one and two… and NOT AT ALL SAFE FOR WORK even more-fun times at number 3.

  1. Reeeeeally excellent stuff over at The Nerve by Lux Alptraum about the rather-newish phenomenon of un-straight people filming straight sex, and how it changes what gets portrayed as normal. (Ie, queering straight porn. Oh yeah. I said it.) “Despite what porn may tell you, not all straight sex starts with a blowjob and ends with a pop shot. When straight porn is shot with a queer gaze, assumptions about what straight sex scenes are “supposed” to look like often go out the window. Things that are often treated as taboo by straight male directors – eroticization of the male body, sexual acts that aren’t primarily about a rock hard penis, anything going in the vicinity of a male performer’s butt – are allowed into the picture, allowing for a scene that’s less concerned with adhering to rigid expectations of heterosexuality, and more concerned with everyone on set having a really good time.”

  2. Some super-smart commentary on the New York goddamn TIMES by Stoya (a porn star in the Gray Lady? a first? not sure. totally awesome? for sure.) on the issue of privacy that’s been brought up by all the craziness surrounding Belle Knox and her numerous names: “Maybe it would be easier to navigate the dissolving boundaries between public and private spaces if we all had a variety of names with which to signal the aspects of ourselves currently on display. And maybe we should remember that our first glimpse of a person is just one small piece of who they really are.” In a way it’s kind of sad that this even needs to be said, but it really does need to be said. So thank you, Stoya, for saying it in your no-nonsense way, and for doing it inthenewyorkfuckingtimes!

  3. I am super duper excited about FUCKSTYLES 2: DIRTY FUCKS, the upcoming release from Trouble Films. The first FuckStyles (of the rich and famous) was, hands-down, one of my favorite pornos ever. And, guys, I’ve seen a lot of pornos. (It goes on the shelf next to my Big Lebowski XXX. And not for ANY of the same reasons.) Anyway, preorders are open now for FuckStyles 2. I hear there’s a James Darling/Papi Cox scene. I am ALL over that. You might want to be, as well. I’m gonna wait till the FPAs (just bought my tickets to and from and got my press passes squared away, whee!) to get mine, because then I get can as many of the stars as possible to sign it, and be all like, “I totally own this signed DVD of this movie and am cooler than you” to everyone I know. Because I’m kind of shallow.

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