Shameless Self Endorsement

Lots going on this week, now that I’m out from under the cloud of horrible awful sickness that nabbed me last week/weekend. I’m trying to keep ahead of the curve and not get sick again, but MAN would it help if spring would just show its face! Uck! So sick of single digit windchills and winter coats, y’all.

Anyway: shameless self-endorsement! Here goes:

1) Today I published this reaction piece to the hubbub over Belle Knox outing herself as the porn performer/Duke university freshman who’s getting all kinds of harassment and threats because she decided to take off her clothes while enrolled at Duke. Which should not in any way be a contradiction.
A taste: “I believe that the emotional distance placed between the us and the them in performative sex (and really any form of sex work) makes consumers feel somehow safer from the radically different choices made by performers. “There but for the grace of god go I,” and all that hooey. But the truth is that most porn performers are normal people who don’t have as many hangups about sex, who  have decided to make money at it. Really, there’s not much else that sets them apart as a group. But consumers feel a need to label porn performers, put distance and difference between themselves and those they watch, to maintain some trumped-up sense of dignity.”
Read the rest! Leave a comment! Share it on all your networks! This is an important conversation that needs to happen very publicly, peeps. (Also I’m promoting myself. Obvi.)

2) I’ll be telling a True Story of Sex, Desire, and Romance at Bare! Stories on Friday, March 21! Details to come. Y’all should come out and be all, like, “Lynsey is the best! Yeeeuuuhhhh!”

3) Also, I’m in talks for an art exhibit. Sssssh, nothing’s solid yet but… Yeah, that guy up there is justifiably excited about this.

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