Quick n Dirty Post from Paradise

Madame Rosebud at the Kissing Booth at Darling House's "The Other American Dream" Party

Ok y’all, I’m in Florida. (Catch that “y’all”? I’m in the SOUTH.) It’s like 80-something degrees here, and sunny. And I’m on a balmy back porch drinking coffee and working on my graphic novel and keeping up with e-mails (kinda). But I’m not gonna blog at length, because, frealz. I’m in Paradise.

But you should know some things. Remember how the other day I was all, “Dude, go to the next Darling House party”? There’s lots of photographic evidence as to why on WHACK! Magazine right now, along the lines of the above. And pictures of my new hair in case that’s more of a draw (for some reason) than mostly naked pics of Stormy Leather and Madame Rosebud and Stoya and Sovereign Syre and Buck Angel. Everyone’s got there kinks.

And yeah, did you read my article on xoJane? I feel pretty darn good about it.

Also… I’m going to the beach tomorrow. BOOYAH! Peace out!

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