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Ohmicrap dudes, I am so busy right now I haven’t even had time to put together a bunch of links for you to enjoy! I haven’t even had time to read some of the really awesome new articles on  Luna Luna Magazine–and there are some good ones, about women learning to not hate each other, growing body hair, not having kids, and so on. Go read them! Cause I haven’t the time to write a decent post!

Suffice it to say the holidays and the preparation thereof are kicking my butt, and I’m super busy at work. I’m submitting poetry and essays to several publications for consideration, finishing up a sample and the website for the graphic novel (the website may have been leaked a bit already), working on fixing up my website still, contributing “sexpert” advice to a certain national men’s magazine which shall go unnamed until it publishes my pearls of wisdom, working on a draft of another article for another magazine that I’m super-excited to be featured in next year (I won’t say which one but it’s a big-time feminist mag and the name is a swear word… teehee), contemplating burlesque routines, trying to get around to reviewing a whole bunch of sex toys I just got (wheeeee!) and hand-making a whole crapton of Christmas presents. Because I am psychotic. And because I can’t sleep through the night unless I am completely exhausted.

In the meantime, check these things out:

  • I have a tumblr.
  • Some April Flores love going on.
  • I love the comebacks to street harassment provided by the community at Jezebel. Oh, to be so witty. Trying to save some in my memory thing…
  • And Janelle Monae makes me want to cry happy tears.


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