Yoncé is Wearing Something I Have Filmed


You guys! You guys. You guys. (And non-guys, too.)

The new Beyonce video for “Yoncé,” which so far we’ve only seen thirty seconds of but which is getting lots of attention, features Miss Bey in an Yves Saint Lauren corset designed by Tom Ford. I’ll be the first to admit I do not follow designers, so this doesn’t sound all that exciting… until you realize that said black leather corset with pierced nipples is not only hot, it’s also owned by Ms. Cindy Gallop, whose apartment I used to interview both Cindy and our friend Dan Reilly for the short films that made up my art show, “Consent,” last year. And that in most of the videos, there is extensive footage of Dan sitting across a table from the camera, and that that very corset is displayed prominently in the shot. That’s right, peeps: the short film, “Consent: Society” that won an Honourable Mention Feminist Porn Award in 2013… features a corset that Beyonce is wearing in her new video.

I’d say this makes me, and Cindy, and Dan, all extremely famous by extension, no?

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