A Randy Round-Up of Reads (& listens)

Art from Pleasure Pie!
Art from Pleasure Pie!

I’m back from my jaunt to Canada (it was very nice) and am now diving into several new writing and editing projects! While I’m busy working on those, you should probably keep yourself busy, too! Busy thinking about awesome sex-positive and sex-related stuff! So here’s a randy round-up of some great places to start!

  1. I’ve just gleefully discovered Pleasure Pie, “a small activist organization based in Boston,” whose “efforts center around sex positivity, body positivity, and positivity about other good things. We make engaging sexuality education materials, zines, illustrations, publications, events, and conversations.” They do workshops and hold open conversations about matters of consent and sex positivity and race, and I think they’re wonderful. They’ve got a great website with lots of goodies for you to peruse, like their open submissions page for a zine about masturbation! Submit your story or art! And follow them on Tumblr! You might be aware already that I am a huge fan of former sex worker turned writer and podcaster Tina Horn. I’ve interviewed her in the past and have so far purchased both of her books, and I tend to get a little dorky about all of her work. I just recently was able to listen to a new audio project she recently collaborated on with The Heart, in which she reads from the diaries she kept while working as a dominatrix. If you love her mellifluous voice as much as I do, you can hear a whole lot more of it in her podcast, “Why Are People Into That?!” in which she talks to specialists and sex geeks of many strips about why people get into fetishes and kinks–everything from clowns to spanking to squirting, and lots more! You can also pick up her books–Love Not Given Lightly and Sexting–via her website.
  2. Speaking of sex worker authors I adore, I’m so excited that Asa Akira’s second book, Dirty Thirty, is almost out. (I enjoyed her first one immensely.) In the lead-up to its release, the New York Post did a cute video segment highlighting Asa’s surprising acuity with (randy) haiku. There’s an adorable video (that you probably don’t want to play on loud speakers at work) here!
  3. Also speaking of sex workers I am in love with, my own randy creation, Tracy Queen, will be getting the star treatment TONIGHT as the co-founder of my publishing company, Oneshi Press, creates the drawing for the second page of her graphic novel LIVE on Twitch.tv! If you want to see art of our feminist, sex-positive, batshit hero, Tracy, sign in to Jayel’s Twitch channel tonight after 7:30 EST (it’s free and very easy) to watch Jayel draw and chat with him and other fans!
  4. Harriet Sugarcookie, a popular webcammer, naked girl on the internet, and geek, recently did a survey of her fans to find out their thoughts and experience with rough sex. What she found is presented on her website as a really fascinating infographic (a tidbit: while it’s not surprising that 55% of respondents discovered rough sex through porn, it’s pretty awesome that 34% were introduced by a girlfriend!), along with tips on rough sex for newbies. Interested in getting your rough on? Give her article a read!
  5. And, for those who have been wondering, check out this adorable and straightforward resource for people wondering: What Is Asexuality?

Okay, my darlings! I must be off to get back to work on these other projects! (And to make some veggie chili but let’s pretend I’ll be working the whole time.) I hope to someday soon have a chance to actually write a real blog post here. In the meantime, be good, and do all the things I wouldn’t do, as long as they’re consensual and non-harmful and AWESOME!

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