Ten Tips + One Poem = Eleven Awesomes

ten tips - Sima Ajlyakin - lynsey g
Photo via Seventh Wave, by Sima Ajlyakin.

A quick update from vacation, my loves! I wrote one poem and ten tips for you, making eleven things to be excited about. Here are links!


A poem I wrote about the experience of growing up female–and about Audrey Munson, because I am utterly obsessed–was published in Seventh Wave Magazine! This is one of my personal favorites, so I’m ecstatic that the great people there were interested in it. Please enjoy “The Acquiescence of Motes (Purity).”


I am also happy and proud to report that I just published “Ten Tips for Talking About Sex (and Having the Kind You Want)” at the amazing Autostraddle! These tips all came from the incomparable Tina Horn, whose new book, Sexting, was a blast to read and which I thought should be shared with the world!

A nibble:

10) Along with multiple exhortations to masturbate frequently and well, Horn encourages the nurturing of deep self-respect that resonates throughout the book. She reminds her reader that, after all, you can get yourself aroused, and that “it would be a privilege for someone else to participate in your pleasure.” But it’s not a given, so knowing how much you rock is an important stepping-off point. “Regardless of what you’re looking for, you’re more likely to find it when you project confidence in your own well-rounded life.” Truth.

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