Real-World Sex is ALIVE, News, and a Request

Yesterday, at my 9 – 5 gig, the internet went out. And our work e-mail, too. All I had was my phone, but I had to pretend like I WASN’T on my phone because that’s an office no-no. It was weird, you guys. I found stuff to keep me busy but it was like we went back to, I dunno, the Bronze Age or something.

Which makes me think, now that we’ve gone through the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Industrial Age… where are we now? The Information Age? The Gadget Age? The Can’t-Survive-Without-Tumblr Age? Is there a name for this?

Anyway, the good news is… there’s lots of good news for me to share!

1) is finally up and running at full strength! No longer in beta! You can go check out how scorchingly, searingly, pants-melting-off-of-you hot real-world sex can be! Sign up for free and rent videos to your heart’s content, or just poke around and check out the trailers. They’re worth every second and/or penny. There’s some great stuff up there. I’m seriously considering submitting a video [it’d be anonymouse, btw], but first I need to lose these few extra pounds the holidays so lovingly bestowed upon me. Womp-womp.

2) Many things are happening, and all of them are promising. This weekend I will be beginning a re-edit of one of my videos from “Consent,” which I’ll be submitting to a film festival and a feminist film awards… thingie. I’ll also be doing the first photo shoot for my upcoming graphic novel! The illustrator and I will photograph a model in the poses we’ll be using to create a sample, then reference those photos in creating the illustrations. Once the sample is done, we’re going to scramble for funding to continue. Wish me luck! AND in early February I have a meeting with a publisher about a possible *fingers-crossed-and-knock-on-wood-and-salt-over-the-shoulder-and-so-on*

3) I’ve been reading lots of news about the rape protests in India and the abominable gang rape situation in Steubenville, Ohio, and it makes me think that my 2013 resolution, to make the world a safer place for people to value sex, will start with rape prevention. I want to donate what I can (admittedly not much–belts are tight these days) to an organization that works to prevent rape in the first place using tactics aimed at every demographic (not just telling women to never go out wearing a short skirt) and provides resources and real help to victims of all genders. Sex-worker-friendliness gets double points. Anyone know of good organizations I can reach out to? I’ll do my own research, too, but I’d love suggestions!

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