Scaling Back: goals for blogging in 2015


Welcome to 2015: the real year, people. You know what I mean: the actual ho-hum daily grind of the year, after the fuzzy joy and/or depression of the holidays has lifted. We’re back to work, hustling, grinding and grinding and grinding. It ain’t so covered in glitter and swimming in champagne now, is it? Is it?!

Ok, I may be bitter. My health has been extraordinarily bad so far this year, and my first day back at the nine-to-five has been punctuated by bouts of really-freaking-awful pain. But I shouldn’t be complaining: in the first five days of the new year, I have already accomplished a lot. BUT I was only able to do everything I did on vacation because I wasn’t overextending myself. Vacation. Not work. And I realized: I think I do too much. I wrote in my last post that I want to focus my creative output, spending more time on my big projects and less energy on the smaller things, and I plan to follow through on that.

I sometimes use this blog as an excuse not to work on big things. Like: “I’ll get to that next page of the graphic novel after I write a quick blog post…that will take me three hours.” This happens often enough that the graphic novel just doesn’t get finished. And though I love you blog readers with all of my soul, I doubt that anybody is wringing their hands in agony every day I don’t post here, wondering if they’ll ever receive pearls of wisdom from again. (And if you are, bless you.)

And so it’s with a heavy heart, but with much hope, that I’m announcing my cutback on blogging for 2015. I will post on here a maximum of twice a week, lovelies, and spend the rest of my time finishing the damn graphic novel, and the other graphic novel, and continuing with the collaborative fantasy project, and finding publishers for my projects, and everything else! I hope this will make me focus my efforts here on–plan ahead and work harder on each post. I’m also hoping to get back to the nuts and bolts–by which I mean reviews of adult entertainment (films, websites, scenes, etc). So don’t forget about me! I’ll still be here!

I’ll still be doing advice columns and interviews and essays for Luna Luna, of course, and interview features for And I’ll still be on Facebook and tumblr and Twitter and Instagram! Sometimes. When I’m not chasing after book deals.

Ta-taaa for now, darlings! I’ll see you again soon–but not too soon.

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