David Bowie Turns 68 Today: you little wonder, little wonder, you


I’ve written here about my obsession with David Bowie. A lot, actually. I just did a search for “Bowie” on this website and came up with no fewer than twenty posts. (And I hold myself back sometimes, y’all.)

Today is his 68th birthday, and I was ready to write a soul-searching article for you about how Bowie has shaped my life and made me who I am. But in my search of the website I realized that I have, in fact, already written that article. And a few others. And sort of drooled all over the internet about how much I adore him–I even had a poem published about it last fall.

So I’m not going to go into rhapsodies yet again about him. Instead I’m going to show you some pictures from a photo shoot I did four or five years ago (?), inspired by Bowie–specifically the “Life on Mars” video…which I think actually is my gender. This shoot, as you can see, was done before I chopped my hair off, but I’ll have you know that last winter I went to a Bowie Tribute burlesque event in this same outfit and with my now-short hair, and I won the David Bowie costume and trivia contest. Because I am a huge geek amazing. (The prize was a DVD copy of Labyrinth, by the way. That’s great and all… I just already had two copies. Yeah…amazing.)

Anyway, here are some of the best shots! And, cross my heart and hope to die, none of them are retouched. (My almost-32-year-old self is very impressed by my 27-ish-year-old-self.) All photos by MPIS Photography.


There’s a starrrrmannnnn waiting in the sky….
Best shot at Bowie
Let’s face the music and dance.
Don't look at the carpet
Maybe I’m born right out of my time…
What a fantastic death abyss!
My weekend's at an all time low.
My weekend’s at an all time low.
Ground control
Don’t look at the carpet…
Rebel Rebel
…I drew something awful on it.

Happy birthday, David Bowie! I hope you see these and contact me about how cool you think I am and we become best friends! Or, you know… that you have a happy 68th birthday!

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