Scrumptious and Sexy in S Magazine

Prrrowr! I just got a glimpse of some images from Daniel Levitt’s recent feature in S Magazine, courtesy of my daily Bust Magazine newsletter, and… prrrowr! These images are, to coin a high fashion term, “fierce” as hell. Curvy ladies in super high fashion accessories and classic erotic poses, sometimes with yummy food nearby, mostly nude, totally sexy. I like it way much. Take a peak!

Bust points out that the issue of food in high fashion and women’s ideas about their own sexual acceptability is, well, one that’s so omnipresent it’s always thought about but never featured. I think it’s way brave of these women to not only say “fuck the status quo” as per bodies in fashion, but to also say “fuck what you think about me eating” by posing with sumptuous feasts like the above. This is ballsy and flat-out gorgeous.

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