Seeking Trans Guys to Interview for an Article

Hello, readers! I’m working on an article about ejaculating dildos, and I need your help! I’d love to talk to trans men who have used sex toys that ejaculate about their experiences. I’m particularly interested in hearing from folks who have sought these out to help with dysmorphia.

As you might imagine, however, this isn’t a topic of conversation that pops up on its own too readily, so I need help from my readers to find people who want to talk about it! 100% anonymity is 100% okay and 100% guaranteed if you want it!

Please e-mail me privately at misslagsalot @ gmail, send me a Facebook message, or direct message me via Twitter if you’d like to talk! My deadline is Friday, February 3, so please contact me before then if you can. Thanks so much for your help, my dears!

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