Sex City: I’m Gonna Be on the Radio!

sex city toronto lynsey g
You can tell it’s a sex-positive city. Just look at that rainbow reflection! (Image via Jamie McCaffrey.)

Hello my darlings! Check out this great news! I’m going to be one of the featured guests on tonight’s (March 1, 2016) installment of Sex City with Jon Pressick from 11:00 to midnight!

For those of  you who aren’t familiar, Sex City is a “smart, engaging, smutty, and scintillating radio brought to you by a group of sexual educators, activists and culture makers” in Toronto, Ontario. In case you haven’t been to Toronto lately, or in case you have been and maybe you don’t travel in the same circles I do, Toronto is a rad place with a really vibrant sex-positive, kink-positive, feminist-friendly culture. Jon Pressick, the host with whom I think I’ll be speaking, is a great guy who’s very into the same kinds of things I am. Which is to say, sex, porn, feminism, and positivity.

I’ll be the last of three awesome guests, so my segment will probably start around 11:40 EST. The two guests preceding me will be Jess O’Reilly, a Toronto sex ed superstar, who will be presenting the workshop “Steamy Sex for Couples” at Good for Her, and Jillian Keenan, a freelance writer whose first book, Sex with Shakespeare—about love, obsession and spanking—comes out in April.

I’m so psyched to be a part of this lineup! You can tune in tonight at CIUT 89.5, or stream the show live online at

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