Sex Noises, Brought to You By Cold, Calculating Women

Courtesy of the indomitable Violet Blue, I give you all a study that provides evidence of women using their “copulatory vocalizations” to influence their male partners’ behavior and ejaculation. No kidding? You mean women actually modulate the way they respond to their partners to get what they want out of them? Moan louder when they think he’s about to cum so they can get back to whatever it was they were doing before? Pay enough attention to what he’s doing to respond accordingly? Why, what a surprise! …I kind of want to yawn over this, but then again, it’s always cool when science backs up things we’ve all always known but never really talked about.

Anyway, sorry, but no time today for a more interesting post. Enjoy the above article and forgive me for my busy-ness! Will write more tomorrow!

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