Shit Poly People Say

In the by-now grand tradition of Shit Girls Say, I share with you you a cute (if at times a lil’ annoying–just like a lot of poly people I know, but keep fighting the good fight, brethren!) lil’ video about us poly folks…

(Also, by the way, isn’t it bizarre that I can call the Shit Whoever-It-Is Say tradition a grand one already? Shit Girls Say came out in December of last year, and as of today, there are like a bajillion knockoffs. The internet speeds up traditions like woah. Seriously, look at all these: Shit Black Girls Say, Shit White Moms Say, Shit Highschoolers Say, Shit Native New Yorkers Say, Shit Project Managers Say, Shit Hipsters Say… The list goes on and on and ON and ON…)

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