The Devil and Shelley Lubben, Part 1

I don’t need to preface the videos I’m going to post over the next few days with much. If you watch these videos, you will understand my disgust with the woman that Michael Whiteacre is working to take down. This woman runs a “foundation” called the Pink Cross that “rehabilitates” porn stars and sex workers, on the belief that all sex workers and porn stars are fundamentally fucked up, taken advantage of, drugged, raped, etc. She backs up this ludicrous line of thinking by sharing that she was once a porn star and by telling stories about her experiences that she somehow extrapolates to apply to everyone else who’s ever done sex work. Shelley Lubben would much rather blame an entire industry full of varied and dynamic human beings for the things she did that she feels bad about, than just take responsibility for her past and move on. And she does it… what’s the word… vociferously. She is ridiculous.

The first time I met Shelley, she… well, she did this (scroll down to the bottom for her crazy-pants video, then scroll back up to note the outfit she showed up to the after-after party at the hotel in… so she could hang out with porn stars like Jessie Lee… yeeeeah). She is insane and that’s sad, but she’s taking it out on everyone around her, and that’s abominable.

So I want to share the work that Michael Whiteacre has been doing in exposing her for what she is: a sham and a phony and a liar who takes our culture’s shame about porn and sex and twists it to her weird advantage. Here you go, interwebz! The Devil and Shelley Lubben, Part 1:

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