A Short, Sweet Chapter About Success. Plus an Invitation!

I’m going live again this Sunday to read the next chapter from my memoir and issuing an invitation to join me! I’m also posting the video from my last reading for your enjoyment.

Video of Chapter 18: Making It In Miami

On June 9, I read Chapter 18 from my award-winning memoir, Watching P*rnlive on Facebook. (Note: I’m obscuring the word “p()rn” so I can reverse a shadow ban on social media.) Chapter 18 was a short, fun read about that time I went to Miami Beach for an adult industry convention, where I partied so hard I lost my voice…but still managed not have as much fun as I could have. Because I’m a fuddy-duddy and a wee bit oblivious. Whoops! There’s also a story about an epic mid-flight meltdown I saw a big-name performer experience, and how her situation made me reflect on the hard work that folks in adult entertainment do.

So watch the video below or check it out (and LIKE it!) on Facebook or YouTube!

Invitation to Chapter 19: Losing It to the Tubes

Here’s an invitation to join me for another live reading this weekend! I’ll go live on Facebook at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 23 (hopefully; there’s a pride parade and dance party the night before, so…. stay tuned…) to read Chapter 19: Losing It to the Tubes! This chapter will go deep into the rise and continued success of free-p*rn streaming sites like Pornhub, RedTube, and YouPorn. Not just how they came to be and how they impacted the adult entertainment industry, but also about the monolithic, massive, monopolistic company behind them.

I’ll also discuss some news items around sexuality and adult entertainment before the reading. And after it’s over, I’ll open up the discussion for a live Q&A with viewers afterwards. So please drop by my Facebook page this Sunday to watch, listen, chat, and ask questions!

Other Stuff to Do

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