Smutty Trends: From WAP to Bush to Butts

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Hello, world! Many apologies to you, darling readers. I’ve been a little quiet on the blog with all the excitement about the Kickstarter relaunch. And the backlog in my other work that the relaunch has caused. But I have been busy doing things that you can enjoy, I promise!

A Week of Trends:

This week, I got trendy! Well. Within reason. My subversive ass is never very trendy, to be honest. But as a weirdo (or voyeur?) who often looks in from the outside, I’m pretty good at watching and analyzing trends. Especially when it comes to sexy stuff.

My Orgasmic Life

So I went live with Gaia Morrissette of the My Orgasmic Life podcast this Wednesday to talk about trends in adult entertainment—and how, when, and why they filter down to the rest of us. As the podcast’s official Porn Expert (TM), I showed up to discuss body hair, BDSM, butt sex, blowjobs, and (step-)brothers. It’s a great conversation that you can watch on YouTube or listen to almost anywhere!

Tune back in on October 21, when we’ll be discussing the darker side of pornography—unhealthy consumption. (Cue scary music.)


If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past week (which, if you are, is perfectly understandable, considering what’s going on in the world) you may have still heard about “WAP.” The new single from notoriously brilliant artists Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion is causing furor on the right and rhapsody on the left for its celebration of wet-ass pussy. And, as a huge proponent of wet-ass pussy myself, I had to enter the fray. I wrote at YNOT about the song, the public reaction, the right-wing backlash, and the fact that a porn- and sex-starved pandemic public is now searching for wet-ass pussy on porn sites. Which is a good thing. Here’s a taste:

“A healthy dose of empowered female sexuality, deliciously dirty song lyrics, and pissing off the sexually repressed is exactly what we needed at this point in 2020. Thanks, Cardi and Megan.”

Read the rest at YNOT! And put money on my wager, if you want, that the term “WAP” is going to be one of the biggest trends of 2020—in and out of adult entertainment.

Don’t Forget!

Oh, hey! Don’t forget! I’m running a Kickstarter for two comics collections that you will absolutely adore. One is a zombie-apocalypse caper that’s by turns hilarious, irreverent, brilliant, and gorgeous. The other is a collection of short comics about origins from over 2 dozen creators from diverse backgrounds that will keep you entertained for hours! We’ve got rewards coming out our ears, and stretch goals to spare! Come reserve your copies of these collections at Kickstarter!

You know what else is trendy? My newsletter. BOOM.

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