Relaunch! Party with Me on Twitch on Monday, August 10

Doing It Over, So Hard

Well, folks, the Kickstarter I’ve been talking about for the last month (here and here and here and here) did not succeed. But I’m pretty psyched. Because, although my company won’t receive the funding we were hoping for to print Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter and the Origins Anthology, now we have an opportunity for a do-over! And we are gonna do it over so hard. We made a video about it!

Get Ready for Round 2—the Relaunch

This coming Monday, August 10, we are going to relaunch the campaign—except sleeker, smarter, and smexier. Our plan? To make our (smalelr) goal in the first 24 hours, then start collecting stretch goals! To that end, we’re giving away one-of-a-kind zombies to our first five backers—as designed by Jayel Draco! And we’ll give a digital copy of Zee Brothers: Zombie Exterminators, a novel by Grivante, to every single backer in that first 24 hours. We made a video about all of that, too!

The Relaunch Prelaunch Party Brunch

On top of all that, we’re throwing a launch party—and you’re invited! I’m going live on Twitch at 4:00 pm on Monday, August 10, along with Jayel Draco and as many of the creators behind these two projects as possible! I’d love for you to drop by and join the live chat to say hello, ask any questions you have about the books or the relaunch, and celebrate the launch with me!

Make sure you follow the Kickstarter page for the relaunch so you’ll be notified when it launches. That’ll give you a much better shot at one of those zombies, and at making a pledge in the first day to get that extra book! And, once you’ve pledged, you can follow along as we demolish our goal and start bashing through stretch goals! (We have some real zingers lined up and I’m super freaking excited about them.) It’s going to be a fun campaign, so I really hope you can be a part of it.

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