So, the other day (thrift shop story)….

Worst Moment: I broke my toe. At work. When I stood up to go down the hall to the scanner and slammed my foot into a filing cabinet because I wasn’t looking where I was going. And then, as I was sitting there trying not to cry, I thought, “Toes are really absurd. Who came up with this design? We should have hooves, dammit.” And then later the subway was all messed up, and I had to walk a mile home in flip-flops with a broken toe.

Best Moment: But! Because my toe hurt while I was walking, I got tired and went into a thrift shop I’ve walked past a zillion times… and found these amazing shoes for $9!!! Nine dollars bitches. And there’s a jacket there for $15 that I must have. As soon as I’m done hobbling around, I’m going back for it. I heart thrift shops.

Thrift Shop shoes Lynsey G

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