I’m in the Wall Street Journal?!

wall street journal lynsey g
I’m in the group photo at top right.

I bet, if you were to make a list of all the people you could think of, in order of most- to least-likely-to-ever-be-pictured in The Wall Street Journal, I would be near the bottom. Right? I’d be near the bottom of my own list. Except maybe for some of the people I knew in college who are now working on weed farms in the Pacific Northwest.

Actually, no. The weed growers are way more economically relevant than I am. Dammit.

But anyway, the point is: we’d both be wrong! There’s a picture of me from a photo shoot I did with the Poetry Brothel in like… 2010? Featured in The Wall Street Journal from last Friday! WHAT?! I just heard about this.

The online version is here.


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