Some Google Themselves. I AVN Myself.

Everybody’s done it at some point. One day during your afternoon slump, or late at night when you can’t convince yourself to go to bed, you find yourself alone with the glowing screen of your computer or phone. Nervously, you glance around, before…you type your own name into Google and scrolling through the results. It can be gratifying, upsetting, or confusing, depending on what you find. Isn’t the internet grand?

But, for those of us whose online presence is closely aligned with adult entertainment, there’s a whole other facet to searching for ourselves. Like the Dark Web, except for blue films, so the Blue Web, I guess? It’s porn industry trade publications: AVN, Xbiz, XCritic. These publications are the main sources of news and editorial content within the adult industry. And, for those of us who work in or around it, keeping track of your write-ups on these sites is just as important as monitoring our Google footprint.

I sort of forgot about that fact for about a year. I’m not sure why. But when I remembered, I immediately sat down to AVN myself. And it turns out I’ve been racking up the hits! Since I don’t have a lot of news to report at the moment, now seemed like a good time to direct all of you to my old news on these sites. At the same time, I’m delighted to introduce laypeople to these websites, which are pretty damn safe for work, by the way (except for XCritic!).

Here are a few of my favorites from…



Xcritic (NSFW)

I’m also excited to let you know that, much to my delight, I’ve been named a “ubiquitous porn commentator” by Iris Blocks at AVN. Keep an eye on my bios and bylines, folks, because that’s going straight into ALL of them.

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