I Was at SpoCon 2018!

Well hello there, my darlings. I just got back from SpoCon 2018—Spokane, Washington’s local science fiction and fantasy convention! I tried to blog from the con, so y’all could know I was there. But the WiFi at the hotel wasn’t up to the task. So, instead of the post I prepped for the con, here are some photos from the weekend!

The Oneshi Press Booth!

I was at the con repping my publishing company, Oneshi Press. Here’s our spread!

And here’s me and my co-founder, Jayel Draco, being big dorks at the booth!

SpoCon 2018 Panels

I moderated the Children of Gaia panel with Jayel Draco and Chris Covelli. There’s video of the panel on YouTube, and a still shot of us in terrible hotel-conference-room lighting right here! (Apologies for the terrible sound quality; we were at a bustling con with tons of background noise.)

I also took par ton the What to Do Before You Publish panel with Rosemary Jones, Jeremy Zimmerman, Frances Pauli, and Elizabeth R. Alix. No pics from that one, alas.

I had a great time at SpoCon 2018, and hope to catch you all when I head back next year! In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about Oneshi Press or the books and comics we publish, head over to the website or the Patreon page!

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