The Buzz is All Justified!

This week keeps getting better! I wish I’d had more time for substantive posts, but your questions and suggestions are coming in way handy, and I’m super busy planning for my trip and etc. Newest news?

1) I’m going to be tracking down Jiz Lee for an interview for my art show. Oh man. I get all fluttery when I know I’m going to see them, and now I’m getting a whole bunch of their time just for ME? Swoon! What am I gonna WEAR?!

2) Plans have officially been announced for a big ol’ porntastic event here in NYC the weekend of November 5, when Exxxotica will be on the East Coast for the yearly trade convention! We’re teaming up with Amnesia and the indomitable Lola Bastinado of HedoOnline to throw a mega event. This is going to be a huge media circus, so if you’re a blogger, journalist, writer, or just a fan or a gawker, or a performer who wants a shot at the red carpet, spread the word! We want mainstream media there to cover–Time Out, Daily News, Gawker, Fleshbot… all y’all! COME ONE, COME ALL!

3) Someone sent me this link and I can’t stop laughing about the many good points it makes about what’s considered appropriate for women being… umm… kind of ludicrous. Men Posed as Pin-Ups. Their kissy faces are kind of adorable, especially the bearded guy.
4) If you haven’t watched or shared this trailer yet with a woman you love… do so. Miss Representation. It’s easy to think that what we see every day about women in advertising and media is normal and expected, but when it’s presented in such bald-faced terms, it really makes you think. Huge question: how do we make this better for those in the adult industry? Is this where the changes have to happen first? Or never? (Thank goodness for new queer porn!)
5) The picture on this particular iteration of this story says it all: here come a bunch of wealthy, out-of-touch white dudes in suits to legislate against women’s rights to choose and/or receive important medical treatment based on a bunch of morality/religion-dredged moral hoo-hah. I am LIVID about this “Protect Life Act.” Protect whose lives? How on earth did it become more important in the minds of the GOP to protect an unborn life than a life that has grown up already and is… duh… PAYING TAXES? And who the HELL do these guys think they are? These congressmen who think they have the right to legislate against my right to make healthy decisions about my own body and future? Oh, wait, I know–they’re a bunch of privileged white men who will never, EVER have to go through a decision like this about their own bodies or live in fear that they may not be able to get necessary treatment for their condition just because somebody somewhere doesn’t like it. They will never be faced with serious risks to their health because of pregnancy complications. They will never be burdened with a pregnancy as a result of date rape. They will never… ever… TRY to understand those who do. I just… GRRRR!!!

…and I’m done. So. Mad. But so excited! Wow, I think I need a drink.

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