The End of Dwayne…Is Just the Beginning

I did it! I read the entirety of “Dwayne”—a novella I wrote about a woman whose home is invaded by a 15-ton standing stone. The story was broken up into three parts, which I read live on Twitch, then posted to YouTube!

Wanna see the last one?

Dwayne – Part 3

In the third and final installment of “Dwayne,” our protagonist has had enough of the 15-ton boulder who’s taken over her life. Her girlfriend has left her, her peace of mind is in shambles, and she can hardly get into her own bedroom. But will her revenge be enough to show Dwayne who’s boss?
Find out on YouTube!

Don’t worry—if you missed the previous two installments of the story, you can watch those on YouTube, too!

  • Here’s Part 1, where the protagonist discovers Dwayne the rock in her living room and has to figure out what to do about it.
  • And here’s Part 2, where she gets famous as “Rock Girl” and starts dating one of her fans…before Dwayne starts moving.

With the finale out there in the world, the story of Dwayne the monolith has ended… But really, it’s just getting started.

dwayne kickstarter cover lynsey g

Dwayne’s Going to Be a Book!

On February 1, I’m launching a campaign to fund turning this story into:

  • A paperback book
  • An e-book
  • An audiobook (narrated by yours truly)

There will be illustrations by Jayel Draco, loads of add-on rewards, and, if we hit our stretch goals, soundscaping for the entire audiobook!

It would mean the world to me if you’d follow the pre-launch page for “Dwayne” on Kickstarter. Every follow shows Kickstarter that this project is getting folks excited. And it gives you a front-row seat to the launch of the campaign! Plus, it shows me that my dreams of publishing fiction you’ll enjoy might come true!

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