The Government is Shut Down! Let’s all get FREAKY!

Well the federal government is effectively shut down as of today. In my mind this calls for some crazy-ass parties. Alas, it’s a Tuesday, and I have work tomorrow. So I’ll put my party-pants on hold till Friday comes around. But until then, hey check these out:

Joy Martin-Malone points out some of the ways in which drag queens are better feminist role models than Disney Princesses. Drag queens, she says, are more inclusive of different races and cultures, have better senses of humor, and are harder workers. Fave line? “Shoving your balls into your pelvic cavity might not make you a real woman, but it doesn’t preclude you from being a better role model than a Disney princess.” It’s so true!

You know who else is a harder worker than Disney Princesses? Joanna Angel. And she’s getting some love from Business Insider for making Burning Angel such a success. BOOM. Yeah, that’s right, society. PORN IS BUSINESS. Deal with it.

Also, can I just say that I pegged Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a smart and sexy young man way back in the 3rd Rock from the Sun days? And can I point out that he has more than lived up to my teenage fantasies? Oh, and did you know his first written-and-directed-by film, Don Jon, is getting rave reviews for its feminism? And that part of the movie is about how rom coms are as capable of deluding viewers as pornography? I’m having braingasms.

And last but not least, those braingasms are being intensified by BILL NYE. Seriously. Look at him. That guy is the whole package: smart, funny, light on his feet, graceful, attractive, and trying to change the world for the better. And he danced with a torn quad because, he said, “You don’t regret the things you do. You regret the things you don’t do.” Totally-empowered-and-feminst-swoon.

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