THE LELO LILY PLEASURE OBJECT — “It will keep you, your partner, and the naughty bits it cups so pleasantly, all very happy!”


There are a lot of things I love about LELO, the Swedish designer sex toy and accessory company. One is that they use phrases like “only the most stylish and luxurious intimate lifestyle accessories” on their website to describe their toys. Another is that their products are all rechargeable, so there will be fewer of my awkward trips to Staples looking disheveled to grab batteries because mine just ran out when I needed the most. Another is that the company’s focus on design has been paramount from day one; unlike many companies that still stick largely to the “let’s make this look like a dong” line of reasoning, LELO has always focused on making products that aren’t just sexual, but rather sensually, aesthetically pleasing. LELO makes the kinds of toys that, if your mom were to find one in your sock drawer, she might either not know what it was or, if she did, she might be pleased that her child has such good taste.

I’d spent some time in toy stores like Babeland and Coco de Mer eyeing and touching LELO product over the past few years and had always left feeling as if my life were sad and empty without them, but LELO’s quality comes with a price tag just a bit out of my range (some of their Luxe line, gold-plated toys go for 13,500 USD), so, needless to say, I was superbly excited to have an opportunity to review some LELO toys for WHACK! I decided to start out where the company itself did, with its Lily clitorial massager; their first-ever sex toy.

When I got my toy, I was once again impressed by LELO. Not only did the toy come in some of the most tasteful, discreet, and sturdy packaging I’ve ever come across, but it came with a one-year warranty, a ten-year quality guarantee, and a full instruction manual. And the Lily is — I hesitate to say it for fear of sounding like a lunatic, but — SO cute! Seriously. There’s some weird mutation in the hu

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