Tidbits: A review, an acceptance, a rejection, a submission, and RON JEREMY IN TROUBLE!!

1) My review of Courtney Trouble’s latest full-length film, Lesbian Curves, is up on WHACK! Magazine today, and getting much love from Ms. Trouble herself. A teaser, if you’re interested:

“…it’s nice to be reminded that even the performers here, many of whom identify as queer and kinky, sometimes like to giggle through a jiggle-fest without hot wax or safe words, and that watching their playfulness can still be pleasing. Of course, I suppose just the spectacle of two larger women having sex on screen could be a kink for some people, and for those lovers of female fleshiness, here’s your fantasy, served up full-bodied and fresh. The bodies in this film range from the relatively svelte frame of Sandy Bottoms to the bountiful folds of Peppermint Fatty, but each of the women featured in Lesbian Curves offers more in the way of feminine curvature than the entire casts of most porn or mainstream movies combined. ”

2) I’ve gotten a tentative acceptance letter from the Cinekink Film Festival for one of my short films from my art show! More info to come, but I hope to see all y’all bitches at The Kinky Film Festival in early March! I’ll also be doing the red carpet interviews, as per usual, so you can watch all the fun after the fact if you can’t make ti to the main event. (Seriously, click on that link and watch that interview I did with the cast of “Sweet Prudence & the Erotic Adventures of Bigfoot.” It’s fun.)

3) You know you’ve been in involved in the adult industry too long (or long enough? or just-as-long-as-you-should-have-been?) when the designation on an e-mail rejection letter from a literary magazine says “subs” (as in “submissions”) and you automatically think, “I haven’t e-mailed anyone lately about sub/Domme interplay, have I?” Anyway, sigh… time to submit my awesome story somewhere else…

4) My submission (hehe, “sub”) has been sent off to the Feminist Porn Awards, and hopefully will arrive by the Friday, February 1 deadline. It’s so weird how Toronto is closer to me than California, but mailing stuff there takes longer and costs more. Stupid national borders.

5) HOLY CRAP OH MY GOSH RON JEREMY IS IN THE ICU FOR A HEART ANEURYSM! He and I may have a storied history (ok not really–he just groped and gnawed on me once and I’ve avoided him like the plague ever since), but I hope he pulls through! All my best thoughts and vibes are with him! (Once again, if you’ve got some time, click that link; the story is hilarious.)

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