Toot, Toot

The opening of my art show at apexart in 2012.

Tooting my own horn here. I was just working on a bio for a second graphic novel project I’m working on. In it, I linked to the essay I wrote for my art show, “Consent,” at apexart in 2012. And now that I’m looking at it I’m like, ‘Damn, girl, that’s some good shit.’

So I’m linking to it here. You guys should check it out. Also, on the upper righthand side of the page there’s a link to the interview videos. Check them out, too. NSFW but I’d venture to say they’re worth a watch. One of them, “Society,” won a 2013 Feminist Porn Award. No joke!

A taste of the essay:

“Let’s be honest: for many of us—myself included—porn is a companion during some very vulnerable moments; it sees us in all our pared-down perversity, naked, trembling, wide-eyed, and alone. We show it our most hidden sensibilities and allow it to fill in the blanks of our fantasies. We are sometimes more honest with pornography than with our intimate partners: we tell it what we really desire without fear of judgment. And that is a powerful connection; the accommodating offerings of smut that we watch during our defenseless moments must have some impact on our ideas about ourselves, our bodies, and our sex. But we let its impact go unremarked upon more often than not.”

Read the rest here!

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