Luna Luna: Sex & Dance & Drunkenness at ‘Diaghilesque’

I wrote about my experience at “Diaghilesque” in April, a night of burlesque and ballet and genderfuckery and much nudity presented by Kinetic Architecture and Faux Pas le Fae. It was a wild experience and it got me really, really thinking about bodies and art and sex. To whit:
“Perhaps the deepest impact of dance comes from the discipline of the dancers, which allows the audience to give in to beauty entirely. The rigors of the training and rehearsal they put themselves through to achieve mastery over their bodies allows them to dance so perfectly that we can lose ourselves in the spectacle of dance and music and–especially after the third glass of wine–forget our normal art-versus-sex snobbery. We can stop with the criticism, the comparisons, the shame, and simply experience. And the experience might be sexual. And that’s ok.”
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