Tracy Queen and Nooky Box

tracy queen opens her nooky box by jayel draco at
Tracy Queen opening her first Nooky Box! (Art by Jayel Draco.)

Well, she’s gone and done it. The character I created for my first graphic novel, Tracy Queen, has gone and become an entity out in the real world!

This week she blogged about receiving her first Nooky Box–a quarterly subscription box that delivers sex toys, accessories, sexy stories, and a curated playlist to your doorstep in sleek, discreet packaging and with a sex-positive message: YAY SEX! (They also have signature boxes, one-offs, and all kinds of fun stuff at their website. I recommend them highly–and yes, I have a subscription.)

Tracy, being a discerning feminist porn star-slash-biochemist-slash-warlord with only the finest of tastes in adult novelties, naturally couldn’t wait to be a part of Nooky Box. And Nooky Box responded with their own blog, sharing the gorgeous illustration by Jayel Draco.

Soon, Tracy Queen’s world will be born into this one in a full-length graphic novel (although Tracy is clearly making inroads into our reality already! Her story is forthcoming from my publishing company, Oneshi Press, by the way. Jayel and I are working on it now, and crowdfunding to help make the grueling work of creating nearly 300 pages of original artwork happen! Please check out our Patreon page and support us in any way you can! We appreciate dollars and shares and likes and follows–and all of our supporters get fancy-schmancy rewards, too!

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