I am so, so, so ultra-super-excited to share this news with the world:, the website for my upcoming graphic novel with artwork by Jayel Draco, lettering by Erica Schultz, and cameo appearances by some of my favorite adult industry stars, launches today!

The Story:

Tracy Queen is an epic graphic novel that tells the story of a self-made, independent porn star with a penchant for feminism, an eye on world domination, and an army of cyborg-clones she created using “samples” collected at gangbangs. As her power, fame, and profits grow, the forces of conventional pornography gather against her, her gangster grandfather meddles in all of her affairs, and her humanity is found, lost, and found again. Along the way, Tracy learns to respect herself, sex, women worldwide, and the power of love—and to have orgasms. A lot of orgasms. More information on the story is waiting for you at!

The Stars:

To help tell Tracy’s amazing story, a bunch of the coolest real-life adult industry stars will be making cameo appearances in the book, including Kelly Shibari, Asphyxia Noir, Jiz Lee, Wolf Hudson, Madison Young, Courtney Trouble, James Darling, and Sophia St. James! Each of these badass and beautiful, sex-positive, super-awesome adult stars will play a role in helping Tracy defeat her nefarious nemesis, the “King of Porn”–some with technological know-how and big, sexy brains (Kelly Shibari); some by using ninja skills to feed information across enemy lines (Asphyxia Noir); some with badass kung-fu skills and a bunch of sexy friends (James Darling); some with a huh-yuuuge whip (Sophia St. James); and of course some with dance-fighting, because Wolf Hudson. There are a lot of tricks up the sleeves of these cameo appearances, and we can’t give them all away just yet. But the sooner Tracy Queen gets published, the sooner you’ll find out all the details!


The Site:

We’re pretty sure that will be your first stop on what will become an all-consuming Tracy Queen obsession. Not only was it designed and filled with juicy BTS artwork by the book’s artist, Jayel Draco, but it gives you a chance to learn about Tracy, ask her questions and read her ramblings at her blog, get to know the book’s other characters, read the (brief but comprehensive) synopsis of the story, study up on the adult industry stars making cameo appearances in the book, find out more about the book’s creators, or contact us to offer us money! (Hey, we can hope, right?) Keep coming back for updates on our quest for publication, or to see what Tracy’s been up to as she tries (and sometimes fails–she’s a busy lady) to keep up with her blog!

The Scoop:

With the launch of, we’re putting the word out. Basically, we want to publish Tracy Queen in a big way and get it into the hands of as many people as possible around the world, but we need help! We are open to talking with agents, comics publishers, trade book publishers, indie-everything publishers, investors, and anyone else who wants to give us a hand.

We are absolutely open to the idea of self-publishing, if that’s our best option, but we know that it will take a massive amount of time and money to generate the artwork (multidisciplinary artist Jayel Draco has developed a unique and time-consuming, but excessively beautiful, method for coloring). And we know that in order to to have this full-color novel printed to our exacting standards, we’ll need a lot of financial backing. So we are launching the website in hopes of attracting someone with the ability to fund and/or publish this story.

Please! Share with anyone you can! We would love to hear from anyone with an interest in representing, publishing, or investing in Tracy Queen.

Please visit, or contact Lynsey G. directly at Printed samples of the graphic novel are available upon request for prospective agents, publishers, and investors. Get in touch! Help us out! Thank you so much!

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