Happy Birthday, David Bowie!

Kind of obsessed over here.
Kind of obsessed over here.

We all know that I am totally nuts about David Bowie. The obsession has been with me since childhood and it’s not going anywhere. I got myself through the final, stressful days of my art show by listening to Low on repeat. I force myself to keep working when I’m tired because I know he never stops. I seek to understand people and express myself because he makes me want to understand him. I’m a very, very deep believer in Bowie. I even did a “Life on Mars” themed photo shoot a few years ago in tribute, as you can see above.

And today the man who made me who I am (that’s a bit of an overstatement, but it’s true: to name just one example, he provided me with the image of the perfect man early in life: a gender-fluid, sparkly, British sex god… and I’ve sought Bowie in all things romance ever since) turns 67, and since he announced the release of a surprise album (beating Beyonce to the punch, I might add, by almost a year) on his last birthday, he has astounded the world once again by reinventing himself as the final amalgamation of all his former selves.

It’s got me in a Bowie frenzy. So I’m going to announce it here, people: I’m putting together a David Bowie-inspired burlesque routine. I’m going to find a way to perform it on or for my birthday, as a tribute to my greatest source of inspiration, and the only person who ever made a rock mullet actually rock. I might feel a little weird about turning 31, but at 67 Bowie continues to create and inspire, and remind me that age is nothing. Expression is everything. And my boobs? They need to express themselves.

Happy birthday, David Bowie! I hope this year is as incredible for you as the last!

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