Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Female Orgasms

1) I considered reviewing this excellent piece of fornication filmage once for WHACK! Magazine and once for my blog, placing more emphasis on how the feministy parts of my being were gratified by its lady-friendliness, but this morning is a bit hectic and I’m running out the door shortly, so rather than recap something I’ve already written, let me link to my WHACK! review. But I’ll also say a few words here:
If you’re a woman, or actually if you’re a man or a trans-gendered person or an anybody who has any interest in the female anatomy and giving it pleasure, please get a copy of this movie! Tristan Taormino is a sex advice luminary, and everything I’ve ever seen that she’s put her hand to has been magical, but this movie takes it up a few notches to make my squishy bits squee with glee. Not only does Tristan speak to her audience in understandable, clear, bell-like tones about how to get familiar with each womanly set of genitals and to make it feel good, but she spends a lot of time and effort highlighting just how different each set of genitals can be and how important it is to communicate that set of genitals’ preferences and desires. She addresses women’s fears and frustrations with trying to find the ever-elusive orgasm directly: “If you can’t orgasm without a vibrator, that’s ok. There. Is nothing. Wrong with you,” and “If you can’t bring yourself to orgasm, it’s too tall an order to ask someone else to do it for you” (may be misquoted) are particular gems. So many women, and men, and others, live in constant fear that there is something wrong with their lady-bits because the entire subject of female pleasure, womanly parts, and especially she-gasms, is so shrouded in mystery that we many women don’t even understand how their bodies are supposed to work. The nebulous bits of knowledge we pick up along life’s path about how our anatomies are supposed to work, mostly seen in movies and TV shows where female sexuality is idealized and completely non-problematic, lead us to think that our incongruous and sometimes difficult parts are somehow WRONG if they’re not following the pattern Sex and the City told us they should. Pain and problems and uncertainty can plague the experience of trying to reach orgasm, resulting in an absolutely terrifying number of women NEVER having had one. This needs to change, and Tristan Taormino, thank goodness, is on a mission to change it by educating, and filming some fabulous sex scenes that focus entirely on female pleasure to help the process.
In the movie, women of many types are presented in the throes of pleasure to show the huge variations in what women like and experience during sex: white women, black women, romantic women, kinky women, straight women, queer women, squirters, anal enthusiasts, and everything in between. The lineup of performers includes some of my all-time favorites (Jiz Lee, Madison Young, Mr. Marcus, Dylan Ryan, Sean Michaels, James Deen, Evan Stone), and they all perform beautifully.
And, perhaps most jaw-droppingly: there’s only ONE male orgasm in the movie.
Anyway, go read the full review at WHACK! for more info.

2) That’s all for today! I’m busy working on pitches to some big-time magazines and pinning down some interviews on gangbang etiquette, so stay tuned!

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