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A still from the trailer for XConfessions, Volume 6.

Hello my mushy muffins! I hope you all had a glorious Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day weekend! I hope you got to snuggle or fuck or fuggle or whatever you wanted, and to have an extra day off to do it a little more! (I didn’t. I worked all day yesterday. But I’m a freelancer and I got to do it in pajamas with snacks, so I’m not complaining.) And now it’s back to Ye Olde Work-Week Grind. It’s kind of lame, but hey! There are some great things happening in the world, too. So, to keep you thinking of the good stuff rather than the bad, and to make your week more interesting, here are some links for your Tuesday!

  • There was this essay by Sasha LaPointe published on Indian Country Today Media Network a few weeks ago that blew my mind. It was about an indigenous woman’s experience of watching The Revenant, and how it triggered her and gut-punched her but also made her proud for showing the strength and reality of violence against native women… And it was so f***ing beautiful. I was worried that a lot of people I know might not get the chance to read it if they didn’t see my Facebook post about it… So I got in touch with ICTMN and worked out the permission to republish it on Luna Luna Magazine, hopefully widening the audience for this incredibly important piece of writing about womanhood, womanhood for indigenous women, violence, assault, healing, and existence. Please, please take some time to read it.

As indigenous women, we realize facing that scene was facing a mirror held up to ourselves. It was seeing the reality of our own trauma, the ways we have endured it. The ways we have survived it. It’s suddenly much bigger than myself. It’s bigger than my friend. It isn’t simply the connection to assault, to sexual violence that we share, but rather the portrayal of violence against indigenous women captured in just a few short seconds on the screen.

  • On a lighter note: Check me out! A full-length podcast of The Porno Jim Show is now available on iTunes (for free), featuring none other than moi! I went to sit down with Porno Jim in his Manhattan apartment some time ago, to talk about things like fauxcest and MILFs and DILFs and filming and parodies and all the porn stuff. And the episode we recorded aired on Radio Free Brooklyn a while after that, and now the whole thing is available for everyone to hear, on the internet, on iTunes, forever. (Gosh I hope I don’t sound ridiculous.) Listen in here! It’s pretty much SFW, but you might want to wear headphones because I’m pretty sure we used some anatomical and, errr, industry-specific terminology while talking about adult entertainment.
  • On an even lighter note, check out this opening scene for Season 3 of Broad City. Holy shit I love these people.

  • An interesting article from Lux Alptraum at Vocativ, about which presidential candidates would be best for the porn industry. Hint: it’s not entirely clear, but think “crazy hair and glasses” and you’re not far off.
  • I love this sex advice at Up, Down, and Out about how to tell if your partner is having real orgasms. The takeaway: “Trust is the only thing you can really work on. You never truly know what is happening to someone else’s body, but you have to let people determine and communicate that for themselves. You can do lots of work to understand orgasm, be enthusiastic about giving pleasure, and open to feedback, but if someone is going to fake it, they’re going to fake it.” Read the rest here!
  • At SlutPhD.com, a list of eight common misconceptions about BDSM. This is NSFW, but definitely worth a read at your private computer if you’re wondering about what BDSM really looks like.

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