Tuesday Linktopia!

Stormy Leather. Owns you.
Stormy Leather. Owns you. (Image: Santiago Felipe)

Ah, Tuesday. A frigid-ass testicles-as-icicles Tuesday that makes you want to pile on more blankets and rewatch the new Sherlock episodes all day. But I am not doing that! (Oh, sweet jeebus, do I want to do that! So much to unpack! So much Cumberbatch!) Instead I am greeting the new year with a flurry of activity! Cumberbatch can wait! I’m busily working on graphic novel stuff (site launch is coming soon! stay tuned!) and a longer blog for tomorrow, and in the meantime I thought I’d throw some stuff your way, my lovelies! Enjoy!

1) I just did an interview with the incomparable, incorrigible, indefatigable, indescribable reining queen of New York City burlesque, Stormy Leather at Luna Luna Magazine! We discuss how she got into burlesque, her thoughts on Star Trek versus Star Wars, her gender identity, and much more. And there are these delicious photos of her all over the place! Ohhh so yummy!

2) While I find this article a little hyperbolic (really? the fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt made up a Danish porno from the 70s rather than using an existing porn film for Julianne Moore’s character to give him is problematic? seriously? oh come on!), it’s also really worth reading. It’s a discussion of the “porn for women” ghetto and how ridiculous the concept is, and how Wolf Hudson is fucking amazing (and amazing at fucking, obvi). I’m super intrigued by this website, too. Might have to submit at some point…

3) Also, watch this woman’s Sex+ videos. She is all teh dorbles, and smart, and THANK GOD totally open and frank about sex. YES. More of this please. (Note: there’s apparently been some freak-outs online about her anti-theist videos and leanings. I don’t know about any of these and haven’t seen them. All I know is I support her sex videos like WOAH.)


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