Tuesday Tidbits: Limerick Larry storms PornHub, an almost-SFW pony play video, and a bunch more

November in New York City has got to be the most depressing time and place possible. I don’t understand these people who are all into fall. Because November is part of fall. And it is the. worst. It’s chilly and rainy one day, freezing and windy the next, dark by 4:30 p.m., and crappy all over. Harrumpf!

This week is being a particular jerk to me. Plans keep changing, important meetings keep being rescheduled, I slipped and fell on some ice this morning, and just general stupidness is everywhere.

And so I offer you  my not-really-an-excuse for having, like, nothing interesting to say on my blog right now. But I love you, dear readers. And I endeavor to keep you entertained when I am not capable of enlightening you. So, here are some tidbits that will make you chuckle and/or scratch your head and/or think.

1) Jiz Lee just announced their annual, philanthropic, special, limited-edition holiday cards! Check it here to find out how to get one!

2) I am not a fan of PornHub, because I don’t agree with its business model or the company that owns it (or that company’s business model). It promotes piracy and feeds into a lot of what I consider the worst issues that porn is capable of causing in the internet age. BUT… it does a lot of awesome stuff. It’s recent ad campaign was funny and inclusive, it provides the world’s sex geeks (like yours truly) with fascinating info on porn viewing habits, and now, it’s got Limerick Larry. Dude writes limericks about videos in the comments section, and they’re actually pretty good (some of them).

This lady is taking a fist
Her butthole is up to the wrist
If you asked me to state
my preferred sexual fate
This wouldn’t be top of my list

HAH! Well-done, sir. Though maybe you should try it before you knock it. At any rate, I don’t encourage anybody to use PornHub regularly, but finding this guy’s limericks seems like a great treat, and maybe if somebody tracks him down he can make a book, which I would enjoy very much.

3) And then there’s this. I guess… if I had a ponyplay fetish I’d be more into it, but… it’s kind of… I don’t know. I can’t look away, even though I am slightly uncomfortable.

4) Nominations for the 2015 AVN Awards have been announced and there’s a big boat load of categories open for fans to vote! Have an opinion on who should be named Kinkiest Performer? Social Media Star? Cutest Newcomer? Go vote!

5) Um have you seen the trailer for the Red Umbrella Project documentary yet? WATCH IT. I am so excited to see this! (Also hoping to interview some of the storytellers for my new column which I still can’t talk about arrrgggh!)

6) You should go get a copy of Sex and Cupcakes by Rachel Kramer Bussell! It’s only $4.99 on Kindle! I’m putting it on my wishlist for Christmas.

7) Want to learn how to twerk like a pro? Jan Tina is teaching a four-week intensive workshop–Twerlesque–starting this Thursday in NYC! It’s cheap, it’s hot, and you get to stare at Jan Tina‘s ass a lot, I bet, which is a major plus.


That’s it for now! Hopefully November will stop kicking my butt so hard soon, and I’ll have news/links to work/etc. Ciao, darlings!

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