New Interview at Luna Luna: Enrica Jang, comics creator and publisher

That's me interviewing Enrica Jang! Illustration by Jayel Draco.
That’s me interviewing Enrica Jang! Illustration by Jayel Draco.

Last month at New York Comic Con (wow I can’t believe that was only a month ago!), some very literary-looking graphic anthologies caught my eye. Collections of graphic stories based on Shakespeare, Frankenstein, Edgar Allan Poe, and the music of Queen? Yes. Yes, all of that. I want all of it.

So I sat down to talk to the woman behind the booth, Enrica Jang, and it turns out she’s not just a writer of some of these stories, or the editor behind these anthologies: she’s the founder and publisher of her own indie publishing company, Red Stylo Media.

And a badass.

So I interviewed her, on the spot, for Luna Luna Magazine! We discussed her work, feminism, entrepreneurship, blood and sex in Shakespeare, Eleanor Roosevelt, and changing the flow of your own river.

Jayel Draco did an illustration of our interview, and I wrote the whole thing down for you to read! It’s at Luna Luna Magazine. Go read it!

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