Two New Comics in Oneshi Press Anthology #05

tracy queen warlord porn star comic book panel lynsey g jayel draco oneshi press
A panel from Tracy Queen, installment #05, written by Lynsey G., illustrated by Jayel Draco, and lettered by Cardinal Rae.

Check out those glutes. Tracy Queen is in shape, people. Who’s Tracy Queen, you ask? Well. Let me tell you.

tracy queen comic book page lynsey g jayel draco cardinal rae
A page from Tracy Queen.

New Installment of Tracy Queen

A few years ago, I started writing an epic graphic novel about an indie porn star (the character is based on a very good friend of mine) who creates an army of cyborg-clones to protect herself…and maximize her power. There’s a lot of heat coming her way from the forces of patriarchy, bad porn, and general evil. So she fights back, and along the way she picks up everything from a talking animal best friend to a queer awakening to mafia fights to sexual empowerment to… well… lots of sex. Naturally.

It’s called Tracy Queen, and it’s being published one installment at a time in the pages of Oneshi Press Anthology #05. The newest anthology just landed, and it’s full of goodies from indie comics creators and artists from around the world!

Illustrated by Jayel Draco, lettered by Cardinal Rae, and written by moi, the fifth installment of Tracy Queen features brand-new adventures from Tracy Queen and her friends. This one even includes the first hints of some of the cameo appearances from real-life adult stars who will grace the pages of the graphic novel as it continues!

Check it out in Oneshi Press Anthology #05!


comic book panel PACK dogs lynsey g jayel draco cardnal rae
A panel from the latest installment of PACK, written by Lynsey G., illustrated by Jayel Draco, and lettered by Cardinal Rae.

New Installment of PACK

I’m also writing an comic book series about rescue dogs turned vigilantes! PACK takes place in the same world as Tracy Queen, which makes for some great crossover opportunities. (Hint: Easter eggs!) And PACK is also being published piece by piece in Oneshi Press Anthology #05!

In this installment, we learn how the pit bull named Kindness became a part of the PACK of stray dogs—and one stray man—who put crime under the fang.

Read all about it in Oneshi Press Anthology #05!


But wait…there’s sponsorships, too!

I’m really excited to tell the world that this issue of the Oneshi Press Anthology is the first to feature sponsorships! And that those sponsorships are coming from wonderful sex-positive adult companies who share Oneshi Press’s ideals: sex-positivity, inclusiveness, and progressiveness. This issue features illustrations and one-page short comics featuring products from Erosscia, Playbox, and Oivita. Each illustration was created by Jayel Draco and yours truly. A few teaser images from those illustrations appear below!

Get ’em all in Oneshi Press Anthology #05, featuring art and short comics from over a dozen international comics creators! Nab your copy now! 

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