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watching porn by lynsey g paperback cover

Ever wonder how somebody breaks into the porn industry? Or what the people who work in and around adult entertainment think of their industry? How about the process of casting a skin flick? The race, gender, and other politics inside Hollywood’s grubby cousin?

Have you pondered how I, myself, got involved in writing about sex on film for a living? What goes on inside my head while I’m reviewing a porno? Where I came from in the first place?

I’ve got answers for you. You should buy my book to find them.

And so are stories, like that time I helped a very famous performer get through a total emotional meltdown on an airplane. Or when I went to my first sex-wrestling match. And, of course, my first-ever porno experience—and why the word “Sasquatch” will always make me giggle.

The book is called Watching Porn. I wrote it over the course of a few years as part-memoir, part informative-book-about-the-adult-industry. It came out last summer, and this year it was released in an updated paperback version.

And, if I do say so myself…it’s pretty darn good.

So do a bunch of other people. It won a Gold Medal IPPY Award. It’s been lauded by The New York TimesPlayboyKirkus ReviewsGlamourForeword ReviewsBUST, Jiz Lee, Tina Horn, Ms. Naughty, and others. It got covered The New York Daily News in a hilarious, reductionist kind of way.

So, look. I’ve got copies of both the hardcover and the paperback here. I’ve got Sharpies. And I can sign and/or inscribe a book however you like!

Hey, nab a copy directly from me! I’m just sitting here, Sharpie in hand, totally ready to sign & send!

So buy my book!

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