Two Things You Should Check Out (that I did)

1) I reviewed the newest effort from C. Batts Fly studios, April Flores World, today on WHACK! Magazine. I have to admit up-front that I’m a massive April Flores fan, so my review might be a bit on the “I’ll worship whatever she does” side. But, hey, I’m a reviewer. I’m allowed. A snippet:

“The intensity of her gaze at an imaginary person attached to a dildo in several scenes is impressive, but even more so when you watch her being filmed by someone else and realize how contrived the scene is… and much more so when you realize that, while she may be toying with different personas throughout the movie, April’s pleasure in all of this is very real. She loves the cameras and the eyes on her, and she comes alive in an irresistible way that I’ve seen turned on before, but which I’ve never seen turned on and then off again with such aplomb.”

2) The second part of my interview with the incredible Cindy Gallop about her new startup,, also hit WHACK! yesterday (and is embedded below, as well). In this installment, we discuss the user submission process for her site, what real-world sex means to her team, who she’s trying to reach, the parallel universe of pornography, and much more… And she’s FEISTY! “I promise you, real-world sex is more innovative, more creative, more arousing, more surprising, more amazing, and more hot than porn could ever be.”

Oh, and check out her stuffed armadillo and diamond-studded pistols in the background! Also, because of how I’m sitting… I look tall. And this makes me happy.

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