Um, the New York Times likes my book, everybody.

New York Times Lynsey G.
Me right now

Have you ever had something so wonderful happen that you’d call it a dream come true…Except you never dared to dream it in the first place? That’s kind of me right now. Because. Um. The New York Times Book Review just reviewed my book, Watching Porn

And liked it.

Meghan Daum wrote:

“G. positions her book in part as cultural analysis of pornography’s complicated but inextricable relationship to social movements like feminism and queer (not to be confused with gay) visibility….But as much as ‘Watching Porn’ is about bodies and sex, its core subject is work and money, specifically in the gig economy….Marvelous.”

I KNOW. What?!

Watching Porn, an informative book about the adult entertainment industry in the past decade cleverly disguised as a memoir, has been doing  well. Good reviews have been more numerous than bad ones. Awesome outlets like Playboy and Glamour have interviewed me about it. The Strand hosted a panel discussion around it in June—in the Rare Book Room! A few places have even invited me to write for them because editors read and enjoyed it.

But this? This is above and beyond anything I dared dream.

Please go read the article, and make sure to tell all your friends about it, too. (And click on the links to gifs in the next sentence; they’re fun.) I’ll be over here hyperventilating, doing a happy dance, sipping champagne, and resting on my laurels, because I’m pretty sure my life has just been made.

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