Updates on My Rightness, and Samuel L. Jackson in My Apartment (I hope)

Three things:

1) FYI, my internet at home has stopped working. And, as I’m getting ready to move next week (I’m finally giving in to the pressure and moving to Brooklyn, now that I’m too old to get involved too heavily in hipsterdom… maybe), now doesn’t seem like the time to make a stink over having it fixed. So I will be online only via cell phone this weekend (I’m doing this on my lunch break at the office), and probably won’t be doing much.

2) Remember how I was skeptical about the study Rush Limbaugh cited when he claimed that penis sizes have gotten smaller over the past 50 years? How I wondered where the data from 50 years ago was coming from? Yeah, I was totally right to be all judgy. Debbie Herbenick from Salon: “In other words: I know my way around the penis and I haven’t yet found evidence that men’s penises have been shrinking on a global scale. For one thing, there are few data on adult male penis size from 50 or 60 years ago (Alfred Kinsey’s team published some data, though the response rate was relatively low), so historical comparisons are difficult to make.”

3) This. Just. This.

I’m very tempted to stop talking about politics and act like I don’t care in the hopes that SMJ will appear in my apartment to reprimand me for my lackadaisical ways…

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