What Do Men Know About Periods?

THANK YOU, Julieanne at XOJane for making me laugh as I clicked through your articles today instead of doing anything productive. Thank you for this article, which links to this video, which taught me about Azadipads, which distributes 100% biodegradable feminine hygiene products to women in rural India. This just makes my day. Best point made about the below video: “I don’t know if Azadi Pads found the men for the video via Craigslist or whether they work there or something, but I sure love the idea of guys going to a paid focus group to talk about pads on camera. I know the kind of hombres who go to paid focus groups — they are amazing. They tend to be unemployed and very high. One of the fellows in the video also seems to be blazed out of his gourd, and I just want a movie about his day.” True.

What do men know about menstruation? from Azadipads on Vimeo.


I think I’ve just found my next-month’s charitable donation organization.

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