I just had the longest three-day weekend I’ve had in YEARS. Which is to say that I actually feel energized and ready for the work week. Because I did this weekend RIGHT. I partied twice, I slept in three times, I watched a LOT of pleasantly mind-numbing TV on Netflix. I had a SURPRISE PARTY thrown for me! That has never happened to me before! There were friends from out of town! There were sparklers! The rug caught on fire! There was food and booze! There was a hot tub! There was butt-shaking! There was drunken friend-herding, very similar to herding cats, from what I hear! I had brunch the next day at Moby’s restaurant (who knew he had a restaurant?)! I got a fantastic tarot card reading from a friend who does it right! I am now ready to take on my thirties LIKE A BOSS.

And here’s how I’m beginning it: with my short film “Society” playing as an ongoing installation during the Cinekink NYC 2013 film festival.

This means that YOU CANNOT ESCAPE SEEING MY WORK, no matter if you come to Cinekink at the Anthology Film Archives on 2nd and 2nd on Wednesday, Feb. 27, to see Remedy or Mommy is Coming (which I’ve been looking forward to since last year’s Cinekink!); Thursday, Feb. 28, to see Bettie Page Reveals All or any of the short films in the “Strange Live Acts” showcase about the NYC Black Party; Friday, March 1, to see Buck Angel’s Sexing the Transman, one of the shorts in the “Hooking Up” or “Daredolls and Rubber Sluts” showcases; or Saturday, March 2 to see Tristan Taormino’s “The Feminist Porn Show,” The Feminist Porn Panel (featuring some of my favorite human beings, including Kelly Shibari, Jiz Lee, Tristan Taormino, Sinnamon Love, Candida Royale…), the porn showcase “Bring It,” the shorts in the “Release” showcase, or The Opening of Misty Beethoven. You will see my work. I AM OMNIPRESENT.

I will also be doing the red-carpet filmmaker interviews after as many of the films as I can, so even if you don’t care to see my film, you will probably see me. THERE IS NO ESCAPE.



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